This is a generics::glance() method for a workflow that calls glance() on the underlying parsnip model.

x must be a trained workflow, resulting in fitted parsnip model to glance() at.

# S3 method for workflow
glance(x, ...)



A workflow


Arguments passed on to methods


if (rlang::is_installed("broom")) { library(parsnip) library(magrittr) library(modeldata) data("attrition") model <- logistic_reg() %>% set_engine("glm") wf <- workflow() %>% add_model(model) %>% add_formula( Attrition ~ BusinessTravel + YearsSinceLastPromotion + OverTime ) # Workflow must be trained to call `glance()` try(glance(wf)) wf_fit <- fit(wf, attrition) glance(wf_fit) }